Public sector

Government · Local Administration · Agencies · Institutions · Organizations

We have a long record accompanying the administration. Our commitment is to help the public sector and provide it with the best practices in the geospatial field to ensure that decisions made based on geolocated data respond to proven criteria of effectiveness and efficiency and services to citizens are continually improved. Focusing attention on the development of the people and technologies involved, we guarantee the success and sustainability of the solutions provided.

Private sector

Infrastructures · Utilities · Construction companies · Industry · Agriculture

The private sector is immersed in a process of change and, by far, data is its main driver: trnsforming such data into quality information is the key that allows an actor to be relevant, competitive. In this new era, our role is to contribute knowledge, specialization and technology to the private sector so that geolocated and three-dimensional data is a valuable geospatial asset that allows you to make the best decisions in each and every one of your businesses.

Experts in spatial data and solutions

We accompany and work together with our clients to improve all tasks related to territory management.

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