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Over the last 20 years, Infraplan Geospatial has evolved and is currently improving and participating in all processes related to land management.


As a result of the meetings held at the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya between Catalan and German engineers, Infraplan Geospatial established itself in Catalonia in 2001, providing the experience of its other European headqarters for this purpose.

Infraplan Geospatial begins to work with the primary capture of spatial data to provide the territory qith quality base information. These first tasks will be transformed very soon in the Mapping area.


The engineering area is created to provide coverage and technical assistance to the infraestructures that were built at that time in Catalonia.

Since then, we have been present in all the major infraestructures executed in Catalonia in the railway, tram, road,energy and civil engeenering works fields.

We currently offer all our accumulated knowledge, as well as new technological value proposals and infrastructures' digitalization, from our 4.0 Industry area.


The corporate IT solutions area comes into operation. With the aim of providing a better service to our clients, we began to develop solutions oriented to the data quality of the projects in which we participate.

Later, many of these solutions will be part of the Mapia family of products: a technological platform that Infraplan Geospatial develops and distributes focused on capturing, updating, maintaining, debugging and publishing geospatial data.

We currently distribute and implement IT solutions for the main public and private agents in the country.


The main public agents of Catalonia - the Government of Catalonia, Barcelona Provincial Council and Barcelona City Council - certify us as one of the main providers for the capture and maintenance of official base data.

Since then, we became one of the benchmark companies in the management and processing of data models and official technical specification sheets.


We internationalize and start working with different projects outside our country. We mainly carry out projects and collaborate in the field of cartographic production and distribution of corporate technological solutions.

Today we have ongoing projects in various countries and we continue to work on our internationalization process.


Due to the growing demand of our main clients, we created the Data area, focused on the treatment and processing of data for the creation, cleaning, maintenance, transformation, improvement and enrichment of large corporate databases with a textual or spatial component.

Currently, the knowledge obtained in this area is key to the desicion-making of many of our clients.


In order to offer a better service and support to our clients, we update the agreements and alliances with our local and international partners.

Nowadays, we collaborate both with leading software manufacturers and with universities and professional associations focused on the geospatial field.